ZYOGA on W72nd

This Weeks Schedule May 27-June 3, 2019

Monday: 10-11am *Tamar Samir (For Hollis) 🎶

Tuesday: 10-11am Dani Zuccheri 🎶

Wednesday: 10-11am Lisa Zaloga 🎶 ; 12:30pm Amy DeFilippi

Thursday: 10-11am Dani Zuccheri 🎶

Friday: 10-11am Yuval Samburski 🎶

Saturday: 9:30am Hollis ; 10:45am Céline L 1/2

Monday: 10-11am Hollis Lewis

Lisa Zaloga’s final NYC class until Labor Day will be Wednesday May 29th. FOR WEEKLY SCHEDULE UPDATES, CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW!!!

Please join Danielle Zuccheri LeRoy and me as we kick start our new space, ZYOGA at 141 W72nd street.
We are looking forward to adding even more classes after our ‘soft opening’, including evenings. Dani and I are busy creating ZYOGA’s website, so keep a look out for announcements here, on FaceBook & Instagram. You can also sign up for Updates by clicking the button below.

Visit our FAQ’s Page

As part of our next phase, ZYOGA is now offering class cards. 10/ $195, 20/ $375 and Drop Ins ; $25 Cash Only. No need to hold on to them, we’ll keep them on file for you and mat rental is always complementary. 

*Please Note- Doors open 15 minutes prior to class start. Arriving 10-15 minutes before class will give you ample time to settle in. 

We are so excited to keep you all connected to your practice and to this amaZing UWS community! Our passion project is expanding and Dani and I want you to know how much you are appreciated!

Email us with any questions: ZYoga72nd@gmail.com 

Find us on FaceBook: ZYoga on W72nd
Instagram: @zyogaw72nd