Photo by Inga Howe at Mandala Yoga Center for Healing Arts

Photo by Inga Howe at Mandala Yoga Center for Healing Arts


zalogayoga! connects students to themselves, but it also connects people to those around them in class filled with contagious joy and love. We fall on our faces together, giggling as we do so and rise up stronger for it. We learn to love ourselves again with a sense of humor that extends to our neighbors... love begets love... 

zalogayoga! offers a warm sense of community, whether new to yoga or coming from a life long practice. Our practice begins by observing our individual habits, judgements, self-doubts, and patterns of thought, then towards greater awareness of our environment and others. 
We do this by putting to use the 3 Pillars:
seamless breathing, steady gaze & mindful movement

An advanced practice doesn't mean you can do a handstand in the middle of the room, although you will bring joy to the room in doing so. A beginning practice isn't defined by not being able to do a crow pose- you will bring joy to the room by trying and smiling. All that is required to practice zalogayoga! is an open heart, an open mind and a desire to challenge your edge... (and maybe a towel to wipe your sweat!)

Integrating the traditions of Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga, this practice encourages breath & aligned movement in a no-judgement atmosphere. Usually themed, zalogayoga! is a terrific balance of learning 'how to' while maintaining a flow throughout. 

Set to the backbeat of today's greatest music, zalogayoga! is more then just a vinyasa flow class... it's an EXPERIENCE!


Heidi Humes, Tulum Retreat Co-Host

Cheri Fandozzi, Italy Retreat Yoga Co-Host

Dani Zuccheri, ZYOGA Partner & Co-Owner