On Traveling…

We encourage people to be better travelers, better humans. “We approach travel not as a bucket list of items to be marked off, but as a search for deeper experiences that enrich our lives. Travel shouldn’t be about impressing our friends, posting the photo, and saying “been there, done that”. At it’s best, travel gets us out of our comfort zone, takes us beneath the surface of a place, and ultimately helps us grow as people. Travelers who don’t simply follow the hordes to the most popular sites but rather seek out and support local restaurants and artisans are always welcomed with open arms.” - Greg Sullivan

If there ever was a “mission statement” for our retreats, this would be it. It is my mission to bring us closer to each other, this world and eventually to ourselves. I love traveling, exploring and wandering. Reach out anytime and I will be happy to share a story, show you a local craftsman treasure, market find or simply to break bread and laugh! Join us this year as we throw a pin in the globe and practice being human together, both on & off the mat.

The Tulum Experience

FEBRUARY 26th- MARCH 1st, 2020

Designed to celebrate life both on and off the mat, the five day Tulum Experience will leave you feeling like a million bucks. Freshly squeezed juice, and a healthy dose of sunshine wake you up for our morning yoga intensive; filled with delicious adjustments and intelligent sequencing to bring your practice to a new level. Hard work gets rewarded with an enticing brunch menu of locally sourced delectables sure to please every palette. In true ZalogaYoga form, what happens next begins your real adventure...


The Heart of Italy


JUNE 14-20, 2020

Our combined passion for yoga & love of all things Italy brings us together to offer your family and friends a rustic respite from your busy lives. Unplug and immerse yourselves in the Italian country lifestyle. Meet like-minded people, make new friends and engage in local traditions. Connect and learn through yoga and enjoy quality time boding on one of our many offerings. EAT WELL! Located on the 3 corners of Tuscany, Umbria & Lazio, our Heart of Italy Retreat is more than a yoga retreat, it's a European vacation with something for every BODY!