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Hampton's Master Class & Teacher Training Info

Join me in a deep practice based on the "three pillars" of a ZalogaYoga Vinyasa class. Seamless breath, steady gaze & mindful movement. Refine your practice, from a 'work out' to a 'work in'! This Master Class is offered to inspire students to take their practice to the next level through our 200hr training this spring/summer. Q&A to follow.

Curious about all that makes up a teacher training but not looking for your practice to be a career? Don't worry! As part of Mandala's mission to bring to the people, not only a sense of community, but a venue for deeper studies...We've got you covered. This Spring (May 7- October 23rd) and Summer (June 27th- August 18th) we will be offering certified 200 hour programs, that will propel you on the path towards teaching &/or bringing you closer to yourself on this yogic journey. Don't be shy... Reach out with any questions!